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Uzbekistan has made substantial investments in upgrading its water supply and sanitation (WSS) se

Project covers about 50 settlements such as: Bayaut, Uvok, Kushkand, Boymurotobod, Kukon Karabchi

Project covers about 50 settlements such as: Bayaut, Uvok, Kushkand, Boymurotobod, Kukon Karabchi, Madaniyat, Shirin, Yukori Sarimich, Mingchinor, Navoi, Gulbahor, Pashi, Pastki Kairma, Navruz, Chambil, Sovetobod, Ahunbabaev, Karakum, Fayzabad, Nurabad, Kairma (Sahibkor), Rugund, Sohibkor, Bogiston, Sharkabad, Parchayuz, Station Shark and Аmir Temur, Bobo Umirzok, Karapchi, Gallakor, Kairma, Ijodkor, Kanop, Mukumiy, Olmazor, Olmali, Yukoriaul, Ucyogoch, Sabirobod, Mahmudov 1, Mahmudov 2, Tinchlik, Uchturgon, Uyas, Yuldashabad, Bahoriston, Dungaul, Bolgali and also Khavast town. Total population estimated at approx. 125.000 residents.

This contract is for construction of transmission main from Sirgali well field to Okchangal settlement and for construction of pipeline networks and WDCs in the area under the Syrdarya Water Supply Project.  

The existing water supply system was built mostly in 1965-1980. Several new wells were drilled in 2007-2009. The project will be provided construction WDCs for need in water supply towns and rural settlements of these areas. The WDCs will be connected to transmission mains under construction and will supply water to the distribution network of the towns and rural settlements.

The water supply system to the districts suffers from obsolesce and, as a consequence, has bad physical condition of transmission main and distribution networks. Loss of potable water is more than 70%, the water does not reach consumers. As a result of corrosion, environmental effects, the transmission main and distribution networks have become useless, they require urgent replacement/construction of obsolete new transmission main and distribution networks incl. service connections with meters.

Construction of the transmission main will improve the water supply system and provides uninterrupted 24 hours supply of potable water to the population.

In all the villages about 70-80% of households are ready to connect to the proposed water supply system and pay for connection at the same time. The remaining households are willing to pay for new house connection by installments during 1-2 years. Local communities are willing to help by arrangement of homeowner contributions for connecting to the new distribution system, as well as to look for other financing sources to low-income families.