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Uzbekistan has made substantial investments in upgrading its water supply and sanitation (WSS) se

Project covers about 50 settlements such as: Bayaut, Uvok, Kushkand, Boymurotobod, Kukon Karabchi

With the increase in use of chemicals for household cleaning, the amount of abrasive chemicals being emptied into the municipal sewerage system is also increasing. Traditional concrete and iron pipes are failing to sustain the abrasion and load. GRP pipes are an effective replacement because they only weigh a quarter of the weight of iron pipes and about a tenth the weight of a concrete pipe. GRP corrosion resistant properties make it maintenance free for long periods of time. The smooth internal bore ensures that there is no accumulation of waste or buildup of slime leading to a loss in efficiency of the pipe. These pipes can be cut into longer sections to reduce joints and effectively decreasing installation cost and time. Joining two GRP pipes gives a tighter fit than most other pipes, and effectively prevents infiltration and exfiltration problems.